A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

---------------------/ Game Description /---------------------

You're a hobbyist game developer that suddenly wakes up in one of his old prototypes, the god of games has banished you to this old unbeatable prototype of a game that you made long ago! You most beat the prototype in order to get back home with only the use of a tablet and your wit!

---------------------/ Development Tools & Used Assets /---------------------

  • Unity
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 17
  • Abundant Music (Procedural generated Music)
  • Audacity
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Unity ProBuilder (Free Unity Asset, Allows 3d assets to be made an edited in unity)
  • MeshCombineStudio (Unity Asset to combine meshes for performance)
  • Prefab Brush+ (Allows you to place Prefabs on surfaces in the scene view)
  • Unity Standard Asset (FPS Counter, Post Processing, Gem Shader)

                                              ---------------------/ Warning /---------------------

The game has a very annoying bug I'm sure you will encounter a tip to get around it tho is that the player cant lift a object with a mass of over 12

---------------------/ Credits  /---------------------

Design and Programming: Sebastian Corfitzen (SwebDK)
3D modelling: Alivedrive

Thank you Blackthornprod for this awesome Jam!


DevelopeRPG - v1.2.zip 73 MB
DevelopeRPG-1.zip 68 MB
DevelopeRPG-1-Mac.zip 76 MB